Medical Marijuana Facts

Medical Marijuana Facts

Think you recognize everything you need to understand about medicinal marijuana? Test out your knowledge using these interesting medicinal marijuana facts:

California was the very first state to legalize medical marijuana. Prop 215, also referred to as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, led the way in which medical marijuana is used. Currently there are 18 states, as well as the District of Columbia, that have legalized using cannabis for medical purposes. Additional states have marijuana legislation pending, with hopefully more to follow along.

Medicinal Cannabis was implemented dating back to 2727B.C. Thousands of years ago, marijuana was utilized to deal with pain and heal a variety of ailments. The historical past of marijuana is predicated around its many medicinal uses. The medical advantages of marijuana are actually appreciated and put to use for many thousands of years.

Medical cannabis might help those struggling with numerous health conditions. Patients who are suffering from migraines, glaucoma, chronic pain, Alzhiemer’s, MS, AIDS, arthritis, epilepsy, Chron’s disease, hepatitis C, Tourette’s syndrome, or are dealing with chemotherapy may benefit from marijuana. Different psychological disorders may also be improved through marijuana use.

THC, or delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main crucial part in marijuana. This is actually the component that produces feelings of euphoria and alters a user’s mind set. Marijuana can contain between 3% to 20% of THC, according to its production and whenever that it was harvested.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is yet another important substance within marijuana. Even though this is usually one of the less well known medical cannabis facts, CBD is amazingly beneficial and is mainly responsible for 40% of medical cannabis. This compound slows the growth and development of cancer cells, relieves nausea, anxiety, inflammation, and convulsions. CBD can also lessen a cough and do away with congestion.

It is nearly impossible to overdose on marijuana. To be able to have a fatal dose, a user will have to smoke around 800 blunts. Not merely would this be costly and time-consuming, an individual wouldn’t have the ability to function well enough to perform the process. Unfortunately, when someone did achieve this feat, it’s likely they would die of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cannabis seeds were utilized as a source of food in ancient China. In 6000 B.C., marijuana seeds were a known food source. Not only did marijuana play a significant role in Chinese health-care, nevertheless the ancient people depended on the marijuana plant for food also.

There is certainly a great deal to understand about marijuana. While enjoying its many health and fitness benefits, users must also take a moment to train themselves and obtain their medical marijuana facts straight.

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