Text of Measure 91

Ballot title

The certified ballot title reads as:

“Allows possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana by/to adults, subject to state licensing, regulation, taxation
Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote allows possession, authorizes in-state manufacture, processing, sale of marijuana by/to adults; licensing, regulation, taxation by state; retains current medical marijuana laws.

Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains laws classifying cannabis as a controlled substance, prohibiting most sale, possession, manufacture of cannabis; permitting production, possession of cannabis for medical use.

Summary: Currently, cultivation, possession, delivery, sale of marijuana are unlawful, excepting regulated production, possession, use of medical marijuana. Measure allows production, processing, delivery, possession, sale of marijuana to adults, licensed, regulated by Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Marijuana producer, processor, wholesaler may deliver “marijuana items” (defined) only to/on licensed retail premises. OLCC collects tax imposed on marijuana producer at different rates for marijuana flowers, leaves, immature plant. “Homegrown marijuana” (defined) not regulated, taxed. Tax revenues, fees fund OLCC suspense account, Oregon Marijuana Account distributed:  40% to Common School Fund;  20% for mental health/alcohol/drug services;  15% for state police;  20% for local law enforcement;  5% to Oregon Health Authority. “Marijuana paraphernalia” (defined) excluded from “drug paraphernalia” laws. Other provisions”

Full Text of Measure

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